Maxine Swisa

Maxine Swisa

Educational Coach / International Trainer / Keynote Speaker / Author

Maxine believes that the art of teaching and the heart of teaching are two peas in a pod. When we are able to show our students that we care about them, we feel better and so do our students. When a student feels valued as a unique individual, s/he will work harder and challenge less. When a student feels that we have taken the time to connect with them on a person to person level, we foster an atmosphere of safety and acceptance within the classroom. When students feel safe, they are more receptive to creativity, exploration and learning, As educators, we know the feeling of joy we experience when we elicit a spark of inspiration or imagination within our students.

Unfortunately, students do not always come to school ready and willing to learn. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They have different cognitive abilities and life experiences. “One size fits all” doesn’t work with our students. We need new techniques and strategies to engage and motivate our students. Maxine delivers research based, common sense, practical and proven strategies that are guaranteed to enhance your teaching techniques and improve your students’ performance.

In addition to offering training in Classroom Management and Student Engagement and Motivation, Maxine has created a unique curriculum called BREATHE, using brain-based learning theories. It incorporates mindfulness, effective communication techniques, laughter, gratitude, and unconditional positive regard to create a collaborative, caring learning community that enhances personal well-being, increases motivation, encourages creativity, and promotes problem-solving, analytical thinking and pedagogical exploration while utilizing strategies that set students (and teachers) up for success in the classroom and beyond.

Maxine is dedicated to helping educators succeed through motivation, inspiration, humor and a common-sense approach to stress management. She provides educators with many practical strategies that can be utilized immediately.



  • International Educator/Coach
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • International Trainer, Brain-Based Learning
  • International Trainer, Student Motivation
  • International Trainer, Reflective Teaching Practices
  • Wesleyan University, B.A.
  • SIT Graduate Institute, M.A. TESOL