MINDFULNESS in the classroom and beyond…

Maxine brings mindfulness and compassion into all of her work. To augment her love of training, she has written two books: BREATHE and Positive Attitude Handbook.

BREATHE can be used in the classroom as part of a unique curriculum using brain-based learning theories. It incorporates mindfulness, effective communication techniques, and unconditional positive regard in order to create a collaborative, caring learning community that enhances personal well-being, increases motivation, encourages creativity, problem-solving, and analytical thinking while utilizing strategies that set students (and teachers) up success in the classroom and beyond.BREATHE contains fun, experiential activities for the classroom as well guided mindful meditations for stress management and self-compassion.

Positive Attitude Handbook is designed with easy steps that incorporate breathing, gratitude, and kindness to guide us down the path toward a better attitude. This guide assists readers in the most easily accessible and non-judgmental ways possible. It was written as an understandable and easily implemented guide to a more positive life, Positive Attitude Handbook encourages healthy steps that lead to more positive thinking. The guide simplifies the process by providing methods that do not require a significant commitment of time, energy, or resources. This simple yet profoundly life-changing guide, is a wonderful resource that provides readers with the necessary tools to lead happier, healthier lives.